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Showing You The Way

Jason Yee
Jason Yee is a stocks & options trading coach with more than 10 years of trading experience in US & Asia Markets.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

This time-honoured maxim reflects Jason’s firm belief in trading as a means to sustainable enhanced income and steady profits.

This can be seen from how Jason records his trading transactions on his website - with profits and losses stated clearly for all to see. For someone who has nothing to hide and only his in-depth knowledge and expertise to showcase, his trading journal is proof that profits from trading can be consistent and real.

"Talk is cheap. Showing is everything!" Jason proclaims, preferring to let live trading applications and examples do the talking in his seminars.

Talk is cheap. Showing is everything!

Packed with hands-on applications, his seminars let you witness the process of a live trading platform and help you set one up yourself! His seminar also includes a personality test that assesses whether you encompass the essential traits to successful trading.

Not one to hold big seminars that sprout big ideas and bigger empty promises, Jason offers small class sizes and even one-to-one mentorships where you have his undivided attention.

But above all, Jason will provide you a rock-solid foundation that ensures you have learnt the ropes to successful trading and in turn, a better quality of life with the profits you have earned.