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The 3 Pillars of Trading

Learning from his painful lesson, Jason realizes the need to cultivate the habit of learning to trade correctly. In what sounds uncannily like a phrase from a wushu mantra, Jason introduces the 3 pillars of trading - 3 crucial aspects that you need to be a successful trader.

The 3 pillars of trading - Psychology of Trading, Wealth Management and Trading Strategies - 3 
                                crucial aspects that you need to be a successful trader.

The first pillar of trading stems from understanding the psychology of trading. It’s all in the mind, assures Jason. If you have the traits and personality essential for trading, you are halfway there.

"The mind can be very powerful. What you think you will be, you will be. What you will yourself to do using your mental strength, you will complete the task."

The second pillar of trading is money management. According to Jason, everyone has a limit to the amount of money you can handle in trading.

"For example, if you have consistently made profits with a trading capital of $10,000, it does not mean that you can do the same for $50,000. The higher your capital, the more mistakes you are bound to make, simply because of the higher risks you bear."

Before you succumb to the stereotype that all trading coaches and gurus preach the same things as found in self-help books and on the internet, check out Jason's third pillar of trading.

"Trading strategies - there’s too much focus on them," he says. "You can easily read about them from DIY books and the internet. But I have yet to meet someone who is successful in trading just from reading these books and articles."

So what solutions does Jason have for people (or 'blind spots' as he calls them) who has poor money management skills, lack the traits to successful trading and only knows trading theories from the books?