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Jason Yee - Founder of AchieverLife

Jason Yee

Founder of AchieverLife

Dear Friends, my name is Jason Yee and I am a Stock and Options Trading Coach. I have been trading for more than 10 years in Asia and the US market. Having traded for such a long period of time, I do understand trading can be very challenging and lonely at time. AchieverLife Investment is established in March 2009 as a platform for members to share, encourage and motivate each other to become a BETTER and SHARPER Trader!

The Price for Success

Besides trading, I enjoy coaching people all over Asia since 2007. Teaching people how to make a great living through trading has brought me fulfillment and unspeakable joy in my life

In my search for FREEDOM, I couldn't agree more that TRADING could enable one to achieve both Freedom in terms of time and money. But, this does not happen instantly! It requires time and effort..... One must be prepared to pay the price for success.

Learning the Basics of Trading

Every successful trader I know (including myself) has lost a lot of money at one time or another. If they say they haven't, chances are they're either lying or brand-new to the trading business.

When I first started trading in the 1990s, I was completely clueless about the stock and option market. I was always dreaming of becoming RICH QUICKLY by making a "killing" in the Wall Street. This led me into making HUGE careless bets in the market. It is pure GAMBLING! This was a fatal mistake and I paid a BIG price! I lost more than US$180,000 in a couple of weeks! It was BIG money for me.Very quickly, disillusion came to me and I began to brand myself as a total FAILURE! I became disappointed, angry and depressed. Everything seems to go down-hill. All my saving simply vanished. I was devastated!!!

I am glad that I have this natural inner fighting spirit. I could not accept that I was a FAILURE. I believe we are all born WINNERS and not LOSERS! I decided to HUMBLE myself and start to learn the very BASICs of TRADING. I began to do intensive research in the area of Stock and Options Trading. Undergone intensive coaching and mentorship by various Trading Gurus or Experts. Now, more than ten years later, I'm happy to say my refined trading habits have enabled me to be profitable most of the time. Through lots of trial and error, sheer determination, and incredible persistence to fight my way back from the losses, I eventually figured out how to profit from Trading Stock & Options.

Trade What You See, Not What You Think

Consistent profitability in the stock market is entirely possible with just a 50% batting average of winning trades - if the average dollar loss of each trade is less than the average dollar gain of each winning trade.

It is imperative that one substantially limit the total amount of capital risk one take until one develop a consistent track record of profitability. Trading with too heavy of a position size and trying to hit homeruns before one establish long-term profitability can easily result in a damaging loss of capital that makes it impossible to recover the losses.

Another important lesson which I learnt in my trading journey is that there is no direct correlation between INTELLIGENCE and ABILITY to become a consistently profitable trader. I used to be a proud and arrogant "idiot"... always thinking that I was smarter than the market. I let my ego and the desire to be right dominate my trading decisions. I didn't listen to what the market was telling me and simply react to it. I now called this "PURE STUPIDITY!".

Well, I learnt my lesson well. Today, I always remind myself to keep my ego in check. I now always follow this principle, "TRADE WHAT YOU SEE, NOT WHAT YOU THINK!". I never really care about being right or wrong in my analysis; I care about making money.. :-)

Why Am I So Passionate For Everyone to Master Trading?

Let me begin with my observation in our surrounding. Most people work extremely long hours just to keep up with their current lifestyle.

Human Resource is limited by the number of hours we could possibly work. Unlike Human Resource, Financial Resource is not bounded by time, ie. 24 x 7. It’s power is timeless and has no limit. In my humble opinion, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to learn how to grow $$$ Money Trees or your net worth!

If everyone could learn and master the SECRETS of TRADE CORRECTLY in the Stock & Options Markets, everyone could possibly enjoy a much BETTER QUALITY of LIFE!

There are several critical secrets absolutely necessary to create fast and sustainable trading success. If you know them, you’ll get positive results almost instantly. If you don’t, you’ll struggle forever. Almost everyone makes the same devastating mistakes in trading and what’s worse, they make them again and again!

If you would like to find out more of the trading programs we are offering, simply register for the FREE Trading Talk immediately. We will get in touch with you very soon.

In the FREE Trading Talk, I will reveal to you the SECRETS how you could ultimately get in and out of the market with huge gains in any market condition by simply cultivating the 9 GOLDEN Habits of Successful Traders!

Wait NO more! You deserve to WIN and have a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!