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AchieverLife Stock & Option Trading Journey Program

This COMPREHENSIVE and EFFECTIVE program teaches, coaches and imparts the ART & SCIENCE of Stock & Advanced Option Trading. It is designed for anyone who is NEW in Trading or who is still struggling to achieve SUCCESS in Trading.

Our Program is a One-Year Trading Journey Program with Jason Yee, AchieverLife Founder.

It consists of two parts.

Part one comprises a live two-day workshop over a weekend. You will learn the ESSENCE of Stock and Advanced Option Trading with hands-on practices. Participants need to bring along their notebook computers to the workshop.

After the two-day workshop, there will be six Weekly Online Coaching Sessions with LIVE Tradings! These sessions are conducted using cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY.All you need is INTERNET access no matter where you are.

This is a very PRACTICAL program with plenty of trading practices. At the end of the Part one, it is our goal for all participants to have established a ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION in Stock & Advanced Option Trading!

We believe it is impossible for anyone to learn anything well without time given to practise and internalize the information. Thus, participants will be asked to return for Part two of the program a few months later where they will be taught how to become a MARKET MAKER in the Stock & Option Markets.

Here are some additional BENEFITS for those who join the AchieverLife One-Year Trading Journey Program. You will be able to

  • Establish a ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION in Stock & Option Trading.
  • Make exciting money regardless of whether the Market is Up or Down or Sideways!
  • Gain the knowledge to Trade Profitably and Consistently with 5% to 10% ROI per month after Part one and 10% to 20% per month after Part two of the Program. This is more than 100% to 200% ROI per year!
  • Receive Personal Coaching and Mentoring with lots of PRACTICES and LIVE Tradings!
  • Realise that Market Making is an extremely PROFITABLE BUSINESS! It offers RECURRING INCOME month after month! Graduates will be able to gain the knowledge and skills to become a Market Maker with just a small capital of US$2,000!